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A-One Fuel Maker

In rural Indian villages where people walk up to 2 kms to get firewood for their daily cooking needs,alternates to firewood are briquettes. There are very few manually operated Briquette machines available in the industry. They are operated on pressing technology that requires huge manual effort. The manual operation of opening the lid for new supply addition between cycles slows the throughput. Our innovation is an Amrita's A-One Fuel Maker that promises to change the lifestyle of villagers and their culinary practices through environmentally friendly solutions.

The A-One design uses

waste bio mass material instead of wood
uses pedaling power for creation of briquettes reducing the manual effort
yields 80% increase in throughput and
costs 85 % less

A-One is thus designed not only to meet cooking needs of villagers, but paves the way for income generation through high throughput briquette production.


This unique social enterprise platform builds a marketplace for products and resources for each rural village. It brings together producers and consumers across various villages and enables an online marketplace built on direct transactions between the two. The platform lists products and resources in each village and provides a management system to record inventory, revenue and profit of all transactions. The product can even work without Internet access in which it works in an offline mode and provides a local view of the village. The platform provides a unique management system for all inventories in each village. It can also record the sales and profit earned for each transaction. Even transactions that are not completed through the system can be recorded.


Sundried fruits and vegetables help preserve unused produce for leaner times. Increasing demand for healthy, low-cost natural foods and the need for sustainable income, are bringing solar drying to the fore as a useful alternative for surplus products. Amrita’s all purpose solar dryer can process upto 5kgs of fruits and vegetables and is designed for easy assembly, and is compact for easy transportation

Uniqueness of Amrita Solar dryer

Care is taken to prevent pests and mosquitoes from entering the food chamber. The temperature inside will not exceed 60 degrees, so coloring of the food will not change. Sun light does not fall directly on the food, so mineral and vitamin composition of food produce is intact. There will not be a problem with fungus and mold since the inside of the food chamber is coated with food grade mica sheets. Fans from old computers are fitted into the food chamber for better air circulation.

Social benefit:

Farmers need not throw the produce when they do not find buyers. Fruits and vegetables can be preserved and stored for longer duration and sell the produce when there is good demand in the market. There is great demand for sun dried tomatoes in soup industry and other dried fruits can be directly sold to end customers.

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