Mr. Srihari Kumar

CEO and Co-Founder, ZenIQ


Srihari Kumar has been Co-Founder of ZenIO and early employee of a string of successful Silicon Valley startups, including VXtreme (acquired by Microsoft), Yodlee, InMage Systems, and RingCube (acquired by Citrix). Prior to ZenIQ, Mr. Kumar served as Chief Product Officer and Executive Director of Captora Inc.

Mr. Kumar was also the Co-Founder of Captora, where he had overall business and product responsibility for Captora’s game-changing product. Mr. Kumar is a proven product and business leader with a series of successful exits and award-winning products to his credit. He was EIR at Bain Capital where he incubated Captora. Prior to Bain Capital, Mr. Kumar was the Co-Founder and CEO of LeadFormix.


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