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Why Entrepreneurship development Workshops to students of kerala?

Kerala is a land of opportunities to practice entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship buzz among students of Kerala is not that popular. If the students are given a chance to taste the entrepreneurship then they would think about taking the path of running their own business. Amrita TBI had developed a workshop model series where students are made to involve themselves in creating an idea, prototyping it and executing it as a business (The workshop series would be a total of 3 workshops for 3 days with 6 hours each) Three Levels of Workshop:

Approach of workshop is the same but, content in each level of workshop gets advanced. Topics would vary from fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, registration of company, business plan, incubation, financial training, Intellectual Property & patents to newer topics like Lean startup, Business Model generation.

A prototype/demonstration of the product or service is required. Amrita TBI will evaluate the business plan with the help from Business Plan review committee. The profitability of the business model will be evaluated under independent market research.

Description of the   Workshop

The model was test run at Amrita University (Kollam), KGisl Institute of Technology and SNS Institute of Engineering with a total student strength of 320. The workshop conducted was basics of "How to make an startup?". We plan to make series of workshops so that students can easily take the concepts of entrepreneurship and start their own venture.

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